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It has been an honor and a privilege to lead the charge in the 50th District to restore representation with honesty and integrity here and in Congress. Together we fought a tough campaign that riveted the nation on our District.

While disappointed at the outcome, we can hold our heads high with the pride and knowledge that our efforts brought hope to so many both here and across the country.

Long-predicted to be a cakewalk for any Republican candidate, our strong showing surprised everyone. Bilbray’s narrow victory came only as a result of a $5 million "scorched earth" assault on me, courtesy of the National Republican Party. The average viewer saw 120 ads attacking me over the course of the campaign, plus nasty mailers and phone calls.

After these relentless attacks and the arrival of hundreds of "volunteers" from D.C., Bilbray eaked out a win with 5533 votes in a district with a 51,000 Republican voter advantage. D.C. insiders noted that he didn’t break 50%.

As of today, the final count is 49.51% (64,554) Bilbray, 45.15% (59,021) Busby with 35,455 provisional and absentee ballots county-wide still to uncounted.

I recieved 57% of total registered Democrats. Bilbray recieved 42% of registered Republicans. We did a better job getting our voters out. Total turnout was 130,416 or 37%. We've made awesome ways to keep a room warm.

Unfortunately our voters were also affected by negative ads that discouraged them from going to the polls. Despite our herculean get-out-the-vote efforts about 45,000 registered Democrats didn't vote. I believe that we can get more of them out in November.

I am confident that our chances in November are strong. People will continue to feel gas prices take their toll, watch the Cunningham and Abramhoff scandals grow and see the senseless waste of the war in Iraq with increasing disapproval. Voters will go to the polls in November with renewed resolve to "throw bums out."

A year ago, we would never have believed that the 50th District would become the most-watched congressional race in the nation. While we still face formidable challenges in voter registration, our campaign network is now a force to be reckoned with and will continue to grow stronger.

So, where do we go from here? I am still running to win. Nobody will take this seat for granted again. This summer we will re-group and lay the groundwork for the Fall campaign for November. I will continue to attend meetings hosted by supporters and participate in public events.

Learn about link building services We'll stay in touch with you and keep you informed of volunteer activities and opportunities to participate. Building our network of supporters has been the most enduring success of our campaign and will pay dividends well into the future. We must continue to work for change in the direction of our country.

I am grateful to each and every one of you for doing your part to support me during this difficult campaign. In return, I gave it my all.

Thank you for your support and faith in me,

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Only 113 days until the special election!
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Only 113 days until the special election!
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